Tips on How to Effectively Use Networking in Your Job Search

Networking isn't as intimidating as it seems
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Networking is about making contacts and building relationships that can lead to potential jobs or other work-related opportunities. It has often been referred to as the "hidden job market". Many experts estimate that most job openings are never posted because they are often filled through word-of-mouth. Networking provides a way to talk to people about your job search. What this means is, you would develop a list of contacts and use them to your advantage when you job search. People who are in your network may be able to help you with job leads and introduce you to other people to expand your network.

  1. Self-assessment

    Conduct an honest review of yourself and where you want to take your career. Where are you currently in your career, and where do you want to go? From here, assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Do you have any transferable skills? How will your assessment of yourself and these skills further your progress in obtaining your career?

  2. Create your 30 second elevator pitch

    As a job seeker, you're constantly introducing yourself. It is a constant part of the interviewing and business networking process. Once you have your pitch down, you will end up standing out above the rest. Here are a few suggestions on what to cover during this 30 second introduction:

    • Who you are - professional title
    • What type of work you do
    • Most recently held position
    • How you can add value to their organization

    When you conclude your pitch, make sure to end on a memorable note; for example, you can include a funny anecdote about yourself.

  3. Find a connection

    Assume you're at an event, whether social or business, and not a formal interview. Don't just collect business cards, make conversation with people and find connections so they are able to remember you afterwards. A great way to brand yourself is to tell stories, whether personal or work-related and share your experience about how it's shaped who you are as a person. A really great story can leave a positive impact on others about you.

  4. Make it about them

    Take the pressure of the conversation off you and put it on them. Get them talking about themselves, about what they do and how they got to where they are. Shifting the conversation to them will leave them with a great impression of you, because you've allowed them to share their own words of experience as opposed to sucking up all the conversation to yourself.

  5. Build your Network

    To get the most out of your invested time in networking, make sure to follow-up with thank you notes or emails. Thanking everyone who has taken the time out of their day to help you in your endeavors shows your appreciation for their time and advice. Most importantly, keep in contact with those who are interested in the progress of your job search or career change. And always keep in mind to make yourself open to job seekers as well, and treat them the way you would like to be treated.



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